A home of bold contrasts

A home of bold contrasts A home of bold contrasts

Designed for a couple with very different tastes, this home sums up their individuality with bespoke pieces and a canny use of colour and pattern.

It’s a familiar problem in many households: a husband and wife with wildly differing aesthetic tastes. In this case, the former loves contemporary design and strong colours, while the latter prefers monochrome and minimalism. The challenge for us was to reconcile the two to create a harmonious family home.

Our solution builds upon a backdrop of classic black, white and neutral shades; these help to ground the space, so we could add brighter accents as punctuation points. For a tailored, personal feel, we commissioned several bespoke pieces, including graphic striped wallpaper and flatweave rugs (the latter were crafted by rugmaker Vanderhurd). Sofas by George Smith, simple stone fire surrounds by Jamb and a handcrafted teak cabinet were also custom made.

Rare vintage finds further reflect the owners’ individuality. These include a striking 1970s Italian chrome shelving system from Caira Mandaglio, which has pride of place in the living room, and a 1940s sheepskin chair by Danish architect Philip Arctander, which adds an original touch in the master bathroom.

An unusual open-plan layout gives character to the master bedroom and bathroom, allowing for rhythmic layering of colour and pattern over soothing grey and white walls.

2 years
‘It feels like the home of real people who have flair, and who also have their quirks.’ House & Garden
A home of bold contrasts A home of bold contrasts